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Are you troubled by moment stops, chips and life
span of your tools?

  • Chukyo’s breaker insert makes it possible to control the fragmentation and discharge of chips, which will reduce quality troubles and downtime.
  • Succeeded in fragmentation of chips. Eliminate winding of chips!
  • Succeeded in reducing chips to 1/10!
  • Remarkable reduction in chip collection time!

What is PCD?

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is an artificially created material made in the super high pressure/super high temperature environment. It has Vickers hardness (Hv) of 9,000 or more, and it is indispensable for cutting high wear resistant difficult-to-cut materials. The most likely workpiece for which PCD tools are used can be aluminum and aluminum alloy. Due to its blade nature and non-weldability to aluminum, PCD is used to process parts of many automobiles and consumer electronics products where aluminum products are heavily used. The PCD types that Chukyo usually has in stock are as follows.

Types of breaker insert

3D breaker

This is a breaker with a three-dimensional design. It is for general purposes and can be used for various occasions.

Precision breaker

This breaker has a shape of precise cutting edge made with skillful processing techniques. It makes it possible to control the length and direction of chips.

New processing method breaker

This is a precision special breaker which has the three-step shape cutting edge to eliminate troubles with chips during surface processing. It cuts chips vertically.